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NOVA Gas North Montney Mainline gets Canada NEB approval

TransCanada expands British Columbia NGTL System

NOVA Gas Transmission Limited (NGTL), a wholly owned subsidiary of the Calgary-based midstream company TransCanada Corporation (TransCanada), received the Canada National Energy Board (NEB) approval for its North Montney Mainline pipelines system project to be developed in the northeastern British Columbia.

The North Montney Mainline pipeline project results from the relentless development of the unconventional oil and gas resources in the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin (WCSB).

TransCanada_NOVA-Gas_North-Montney-Mainline-Pipeline-System_British-Columbia_MapThese last years the new exploration and production technologies contributed to unlock WCSB shale gas reserves spread across the northwestern Alberta Province and the northeastern British Columbia Province.

Within the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin, the Montney formation has been identified as one of the most promising not only because of its huge reserves, but also because of its geographical position.

From Western Canada the Montney gas fields can supply the domestic market and northeastern USA for gas-fired power generation, but it can also be exported to Asia through the tens of liquefied natural gas (LNG) projects planned along the Pacific Coast.

In addition to the shale gas, Alberta and British Columbia benefit also from quantity of oil associated gas to be gathered and exported.

Since the exploration and production of gas is now proven to be competitive in the regional and global market, TransCanada is taking the leap to expand its NGTL system with this North Montney Mainline pipeline project.

Three compression stations for North Montney Mainline

The North Montney Mainline Pipeline project should be designed in two sections exceeding 300 kilometers length across the Peace River Regional District.

The first section of the North Montney Mainline pipeline is named Aitken Creek.

With 182 kilometers long the Aitken Creek refers to the south end of the North Montney Mainline pipeline project where it will connect with the existing Groundbirch Mainline, 35 kilometers southwest of Fort St John.

The second section of the North Montney Mainline pipeline project has been branded Kahta.

As north end of the North Montney Mainline pipeline project, Kahta will run along 119 kilometers to a junction point located 180 kilometers north of Fort St John.

Along its two sections, Aitken Creek and Kahta, the North Montney Mainline pipeline project will include:

TransCanada_NOVA-Gas_North-Montney-Mainline-Pipeline-System_British-Columbia – 3 compression stations

 – 14 receipt metering stations

 – 1 delivery metering station

 – 1 bi-directional storage metering station

 – Stockpile sites and laydown areas

 – Offsites and construction facilities


With the North Montney Mainline pipeline project, TransCanada is planning to invest $1.7 billion capital expenditure through its subsidiary NOVA Gas.

Since NGTL received the NEB approval, TransCanada is expecting to start construction in 2016 for first gas transportation with the North Montney Mainline pipeline project by 2019.

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